XParanormal Detector


The first little tool to help you communicate and detect ghosts

XParanormal Detector is a professional application designed to detect paranormal activity in your house.

If you have an interest in paranormal activities like ghosts of the dead, entities, spirits. Well you are at the right place. We have developped the first little tool for Windows PC to help you communicate and detect those paranormal activities. It's XParanormal Detector.

Unlike other Ghost detectors for the PC, there is no need for a special external USB key! XParanormal will use your existing wifi adapter card or network adapter!

· CPU 1.8 Ghz
· 1 Gig RAM
· Eternet Card (Any model)
· 10 megs of diskspace
What's New in This Release:

· Added new calibration on startup. Allows XParanormal Detector to learn your surroundings better before starting. This enables a better detection.
· BASIC Edition : Added Date and Time for last spoken word on interface
· Now the time will be shown in the tray ballon notification with the last spoken word
· PRO Edition only. Added approximate yard distance of a spirit that might be within 10 yards (can also visual with based on the green blimp of the radar). Only 1 green blimp can be analysed at a time.
· PRO Edition only: Logs date/time in the history list when XParanormal Detector starts or is closed
· PRO Edition only: Option to Enable/Disable sound alerts for detection activities (R-Flux/distance detection)
· PRO Edition only: Option to Enable/Disable the logging of the activity alers of high R-Flux and distance detection of spirits in the history list
· PRO Edition only: Sound alerts when an High R-Flux or a close by spirit is detected
· PRO Edition only: The history list is automaticall...

Program Information
 Developer: eXtremeSenses.for
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Size,Price and Added Date
5.5MB.Shareware / USD 3.99 to buy

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