Al-Rassam Al-Arabi

Al-Rassam Al-Arabi (for Windows) and Kalimat (MAC OS X) are Layout's most widely known Arabic desktop publishing software.

Al-Rassam Al Arabi (for Windows) allows you to use Arabic in the world's leading design applications for Windows, a nd Kalimat (MAC OS X) allows you to use Arabic in all Macintosh illustration and photo retouching programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, CorelDraw and Avid Technology, Inc.

The Power to access the features of Latin graphic design software programs on the Windows(Al-Rassam Al Arabi) and the Macintosh (Kalimat) platforms - along with their initial bundling with computer systems throughout the region - has made of both applications the perfect software solutions for adding the Arabic language to your designs, including advertisements, brochures, catalogs and more.


*Import, Paste, and Export Arabic text from Macintosh and Windows platforms

*Export text either as ASCII or Unicode format

*Export selected text only, or multi-line paragraphs to non-Arabic applications

*Copy and paste text from Microsoft Word to Al-Rassam Al-Arabi (For Windows) or Kalimat (MAC OS X)

*Use palettes and measurement units to resize windows for easy text export

*Al-Rassam Al-Arabi (for Windows) and Kalimat (MAC OS X) can be used for displaying Arabic Tv program credits

*Al-Rassam Al-Arabi (for Windows) and Kalimat (MAC OS X) include 22 high-quality Arabic fonts with 10 additional free Arabic fonts upon registration you can free download Al-Rassam Al-Arabi now.

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Program Information
 Developer: Layout Ltd.
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Price and Added Date
License: Shareware N/A. 09-10-2011
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