An application designed for sensitive browsing. Use it anytime you want to protect your privacy with full confidence.
Easy-Hide-IP is a very easy to use Windows solution that lets you change your IP with a new one, and thus remain anonymous while browsing the web, but also bypass all restrictions.

More like a proxy tool, Easy-Hide-IP provides a comprehensive list of IPs, sorted by signal strength, thus letting you pick the one that works the best with your Internet connection.

The interface is quite pleasant and user friendly, but in case you get yourself into trouble when using it, it's always recommended to have a look in the help file.

The application lets you see the IPs only from a specific country, but also change the settings automatically at a user defined interval and thus make sure that you remain anonymous all the time. It's enough to press the “Connect” button and the new configuration comes into place.

Other than that, there are just two options, start Easy-Hide-IP with Windows and hide identity when Easy-Hide-IP starts, so it's pretty easy to take advantage of the app's great features.

What Easy-Hide-IP actually does is set up your computer to work with a proxy server, so loading websites in Internet Explorer may take more time than with your standard settings. You only have to hit the “Disconnect” button to restore the default configuration. The app also comes with a dedicated add-on to make it work with Firefox, but this needs to be installed separately.

Of course, Easy-Hide-IP runs on low computer resources, but keep in mind that Internet speed may be more or less affected after applying the new settings.

But all in all, it's an effective and easy to use tool, with a pleasant interface and a comprehensive help manual.

Program Information
 Developer: Easy-Hide-Ip Team
Price and Added Date
Trial / USD 29.95.30-07-2012
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